Welcome to DYC!


Welcome to the Dartford Youth Council website! You can find out some information about our meetings, our members, our work and contributions and more.

Dartford Youth Council’s Executive Committee with the other youth councillors in the October Monthly Council Meeting – Credit: Toju, Web Administrator (2018-)

What we do:

Members of Dartford Youth Council helping out at The Salvation Army, Dartford – Credit: Joshua, Former Vice Chairman (2017-18) and Web Administrator (2016-17) 

Dartford Youth Council aims to give young people a voice on subjects that matter to the youth of Dartford. Members of DYC are from academic years 8 – 13. We discuss issues affecting the youth of Dartford as well as improving Dartford from a youth perspective.

Ricky Taing

Secretary (2017-) and Former Public Relations Officer (2016-17) of the Dartford Youth Council

“Dartford Youth Council is a great organisation aiming to help young people in the borough by providing a support network for mental health, supporting and volunteering for local charities and more. I’d wholeheartedly recommend you to join!”

Our Network

Babafunto Ojo

Member (2016-) of the Dartford Youth Council 

“It is an amazing place which helps you to learn a whole lot more about other people and also gives you an opportunity to express yourself by helping others.

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