The Dartford Youth Council comprises of more than 30 members who would like to have their say and represent the youth of Dartford. Members elect our Executive Committee.

Executive Committee Elections

The members of DYC elect the Executive Committee (EC). Members of DYC can put forward their interest in being on the EC. There are several positions available on the EC. The elections take place yearly, and EC members can stand for re-election. Voting takes place during one of the meetings.

Monthly Council Meeting

The Dartford Youth Council have a monthly council meeting led by the Executive Committee, elected by members of DYC. Dartford Youth Council members discuss ideas and suggestions to improve Dartford. DYC also collaborates with other local organisations to help them, such as the Salvation Army church in Dartford.

Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee also has an additional meeting prior to the monthly council meeting to discuss the successes of the previous monthly meeting as well as to plan an agenda in preparation for the monthly council meeting.

How to join DYC

If you would be interested in joining Dartford Youth Council, please complete this form:

Having volunteered with Dartford Youth Council, I believe that it is a fantastic opportunity for young people to get involved within their community and have their voice heard. Platforms such as Dartford Youth Council are so crucial in society as it allows young people to represent the views of their community, while developing important life skills such as public speaking and leadership expertise.

Ricky Taing, Vice Chairman of the Dartford Youth Council