Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a group of us who are elected to specific roles and lead the DYC in our regular meetings and for projects.

Dartford Youth Council with its newly-elected Executive Committee 2018-19 from the October Monthly Council Meeting – Credit: Ricky, Secretary

Our current 2018-19 Executive Committee consists of:

Chairman Omolayo Oluwadare
Vice Chair Tom Gebbett
Secretary Ricky Taing
Treasurer Toju
Web Administrator David Garcia
PR Officer Princess Nwafor
Events Officer Danielle Okine

Previous ECs include…


The Dartford Youth Council team of 2017.
Chairman Matthew D’Costa
Vice Chair Joshua Grills
Secretary Ricky Taing
Treasurer James Rolls
Web Administrator Tsemaye
PR Officer Omolayo Oluwadare
Events Officer Tom Gebbett



Chairman Chloe Louise Gebbett
Vice Chair Matthew D’Costa
Secretary Sarah King
Treasurer Cian Gavin / Charlie Grazebrook / Dan Bui
Web Administrator Joshua Grills
PR Officer Ricky Taing
Events Officer Omolayo Oluwadare


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