Programmes & Services

The Dartford Youth Council provides a wide range of programmes & services to young people in Dartford.



Dartford Youth Council has provided a wide range of training programmes such as the Youth Champions programme and more. For more info, please email Ricky at

Dartford Youth Council members taking part in a first aid course at Dartford Civic Centre – Credit: Joshua Grills, Former Vice Chairman (2017-18) and Web Administrator (2016-17)


Youth Advisory Group

Select members of Dartford Youth Council attend the Youth Advisory Group meeting regularly, at the Bridge.


DYC Awards Ceremony

The Dartford Youth Council present special awards & certificates to members of Dartford Youth Council at the end of the academic year to recognise their contributions within monthly meetings and events.

The Dartford Youth Council Awards Ceremony at Gardenia House, Wilmington – Credit: Ricky, Secretary

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

We have qualified assessors to write reports for two sections of the DofE Award including Volunteering and Skills. You can develop your skills at the Youth Council by public speech, teamwork, communication, and more.

vInspired Awards

Dartford Youth Councillors can gain vInspired awards for their commitment to the local borough by contributing in meetings, attending local events, and volunteering with us for various local charities.

The v50 and v100 Award from vInspired for volunteering with Dartford Youth Council – Credit: Ricky, Secretary