vInspired Awards

By Ricky, Secretary

The vInspired Awards are a set of nationally-recognised prestigious awards for volunteers. The award scheme is extremely flexible so it can account for your needs.

The initiative has four awards: the v10 for ten hours of volunteering, v30, v50 and ultimately, the v100. Their intuitive website allows you to record your volunteering progress as you add your hours, with graphic evidence to support your records.

Moreover, the website provides a function for you to find the closest volunteering opportunities, as well as match your favourite recreational hobbies to what roles would fit you.

Personally, I gained my v50 and v100 through my work with the Dartford Youth Council by managing and participating in various events such as the Dartford Festival.

I’ve cherished gaining the awards, as this is something credible that I can place on my CV, personal statement, and it’ll help me in the near future as it contributes through UCAS points.

I wholeheartedly recommend any young volunteers to participate in this credible scheme, as it is free, and most importantly, is a credible point to have on documents when you apply for jobs in the real world.


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