Dartford Young and Gifted

The Dartford Young Gifted is a talent showcase for young people that allows the youth of Dartford to demonstrate their talent, as well as develop their talent. It is beneficial because it promotes skills such as performing in front of an audience, which helps to develop confidence. The showcase was on 5th February 2016.

The showcase featured a wide variety of acts, ranging from solo items to group items such as Irish Dancing. All of the acts were brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them.

I interviewed Milly Constable, 14, who performed in the showcase and represents Dartford Grammar School for Girls. She commented, “I really enjoyed being on the stage and having the chance to sing which is what I really enjoy and my highlight was just the whole day in general with the rehearsals and the excitement – it was overall really fun!”

By Ricky Taing, P.R Officer


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