Try Angle Awards 2018

Some of Dartford’s most inspirational young people were presented with a range of awards from a project by Kent County Council at the Bridge 4 Young People.

The Bridge 4 Young People is a youth hub where young people can socialise, and have fun! They have a wide range of activities such as the Dartford Music Hub from Kent Music, and more.

They have an art and music studio where young people can make use of the wide range of facilities such as the pianos and electric guitars.

Dartford Youth Councillors who were also volunteers for the youth hub helped out with the awards ceremony.

Dartford Youth Councillors along with other young volunteers helped out with the awards ceremony – Credit: Zoe Harris, Youth Hub Delivery Manager

The nomination process took place during the summer, and judges decided who would be the winner of each category, such as Music and Art.

Dartford Youth Council Secretary Ricky Taing was the recipient of the Music award, alongside a group of other inspirational individuals from Dartford in different categories.

Category Winner
Arts Andy Underwood, Swanscombe
Music Ricky Taing, Dartford
Community action Nana Afriyie, Dartford
Good friends and young carers Hannah Saxby, Swanscombe
Personal development Matthew Dawe, Dartford
Courage Emily Fowler, Dartford
Positive intervention Joshua Kilembeka, Dartford

After the ceremony, the district winners will be notified if they have reached the Spirit of Try Angle Awards final.


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